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Be Careful Where You Buy CBD Extracts, Most Are Misleading You

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Recently there have been many new products out in the market with "CBD Oil extract" or "Hemp Oil extract" on the label. Is what they are selling and you are buying really what you're getting? The answer is probably not. How do we know that? There have been investigations that have been done all over the country gathering up thousands of products with "CBD Oil extract" or "Hemp Oil extract" on the label and determining if what they are claiming they are selling you is really what you are getting or at least what you believe you are getting. 

One investigative report was done by Dr. Oz on his T.V. show. On this episode they bought a wide range of CBD products sending them to a private lab to be tested. After waiting 24 hours the results came back, shocking everyone that was watching. 

Five products tested didn't even have any traceable amounts of CBD at all. A single product had what the label said that it had. Four had much less actual CBD in the product and one had much more than advertising. These are just a few examples out of the many that they bought for this report 

One thing that was shocking what the fact that one of these products had 3 milligrams of THC, that's enough to have a psychoactive affect on a full grown adult. 

Other studies that have been found on the internet show that in general about 70% of all CBD products don't have any traceable amounts of CBD. In the 30% of all CBD products only have 10% of those that have CBD in them even have a therapeutic amount to help with all of those 'promised' claims.

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